Vinita Latham MSc. Psychotherapy & Counselling. BA, MBACP(Reg).

How can therapy help?

Talking therapy can support you if you are experiencing problems with your mental health. Taking positive steps to help yourself can support you in feeling more in control and emotionally stronger.

Counselling and how it works.

Counselling is sometimes called “talking therapy” and is a process that offers you a way to explore your feelings and thoughts, helping you to work through problems that are troubling you.

No one knows you better than you know yourself. Talking about your experiences from your perspective can help release long-held feelings and encourage self-acceptance.

The aim of therapy is not for me to tell you what to do. Instead, it’s a process where you work with me to explore your feelings and thoughts, gain understanding, and increase self-awareness helping you to feel emotionally stronger.

We often find the easiest way to cope with uncomfortable feelings arising from painful experiences is to bury them deep down inside or mask them with alcohol or drugs. However, feelings that are not acknowledged can become a barrier to happiness, health and well-being. Talking about your problems can help you begin to untangle the issues you’re struggling with, gaining insights to support you in going forward.

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We would look at your reasons for seeking therapy during your first session and how you hope therapy may help. Then, working at your own pace, you can begin to talk about your current thoughts, feelings and life issues that are causing you concern. As therapy progresses, we may start to explore past issues and experiences which can help explain current difficulties. If you are worried about what to say in your first session, it can help to jot down a few things: how you have been feeling recently, how you are feeling physically, any issues you may be experiencing elsewhere in your life.

The therapy I offer can help you:

  • identify what may be troubling you
  • acknowledge, validate and release your feelings
  • reduce confusion and become clearer about your way forward
  • explore the anxieties and fears that are concerning you
  • work at your own pace, exploring how you would like things to be different

I have experience working with a broad range of issues, including: