Vinita Latham MSc. Psychotherapy & Counselling. BA, MBACP(Reg).



I have been struggling for a while with job-related stress. Vinita has been able to help me understand that the way I’ve been reacting to things was coming from previous experiences. The therapy has helped me see things differently and I don’t feel as stressed at work or home. Vinita was very understanding and I felt able to talk about things I haven’t talked about before.


I have just come through a really difficult divorce. I was feeling really low about myself and didn’t know what I was going to do next. Counselling with Vinita has helped me really begin to feel better about myself. Vinita was kind and really seemed to understand how I was feeling.


I’ve just left college and have been feeling anxious and having bad panic attacks for a while now. Vinita has been able to help me understand where my anxiety is coming from and she’s also given me some really helpful tools to help if I begin to feel anxious again. I found Vinita easy to talk to and really understanding.


I contacted Vinita because I’ve had depression for years. I’ve tried therapy before but didn’t feel any different. With Vinita, I’ve begun to understand myself. It’s helped me to realise that there are reasons for the way I feel and talking has helped me begin to work things out.


I found Vinita professional in the way she worked and she had a calming way that helped me open up about my problems. I feel more able to cope now and feel better about myself.